This site's purpose is to provide the Pagan community with a centralized source in locating Pagan Artists, Crafters, Musicians, Vendors and Non-Profits. We want to walk the talk in supporting our own. Some of our vendors may provide goods that are not generally considered "Pagan", but they identify as Pagans who sell.  Other vendors and service providers may not identify as "Pagan" but are welcoming the Pagan community into their shops.  We will be continually growing this site, and feedback is always welcome. If you would like to list your site with us just send an email that included the following:

1. A graphic or logo that is square in shape and you own the rights to.
2. Listing name
3. A brief description
4. Contact information usually the following:  Facebook/Web/Email

Featured Event

Have an event coming up?  Want us to advertise your local Pagan orientated event?  Just email us your request and we will get you set up!

Each service listed on this site operates apart and separate from The Little Black Book for Pagans and are responsible for the content of their advertisement.  The Little Black Book for Pagans assumes no liability for any issues that you may encounter when dealing with the site operators.  However we would like to be notified of any dead links or issues with vendors, while we will not act as a mediator between provider/client we will be sure to remove any one not delivering as promised.

*Magical and divination services are offered as entertainment only.*